Great efforts are being made in the big refactor of the Pod. It’s now possible to send a Schema definition to the Pod. If we send an item to the Pod, it is accepted and added to the database. If we make a typo, for instance by using myAge instead of just age, Pod successfully prevents insertion and explains the reason for failure. With this update, the create_item endpoint is successfully completed! From the database to the HTTP API layer, with tests, schema checking, schema parsing, schema update and type checks included.


The front-end made great progress too, as most parts are now refactored to use the new database convention. As this was basically a rewrite of all parts, it’s great to see the app back in action:

CirclesUBI in Memri

The crypto ME conducted research on the architecture of several popular cryptocurrency wallets for web and mobile apps, especially on their core component: The wallet library. With this knowledge, we started to build the architecture for the integration of Omo Li wallet into the Memri browser app for CirclesUBI. This library is written in TypeScript, including a library for supporting CirclesUBI protocols related operations, a market place and a UI system, and also leverages Fission for hostless and secure data storage. After having a closer look at the functions of the wallet library, we got the current idea for the architecture: Create the interfaces that only expose the functionality of the library, and rebuild the logic to store user's private data directly into the Pod instead of Fission. There will be more details in the next post, stay tuned!

Community and Growing Our Organization

We are now experimenting with Discord to use as our community platform tool. We looked at Matrix at first, but didn't pass the usability test. We want our community to be focused on the conversation and not be hassled with too many steps getting started. We might end up switching again, but we think it’s worth finding the best tool for the job.

Furthermore, a rebuild of the memri.io developer website has started. We are still in the design phase and are looking for ways to convey all the information a potential contributor needs to know, as well as creating an aesthetic that fits our brand.

Lastly, we’re expanding our team and the hiring process is coming along well. Many candidates progressed through the pipeline and it has been inspiring to speak with bright and enthusiastic candidates. We’re not done yet though, take a look at our job offerings if you’re interested.