Developer Community Bounty Program

We are happy to announce we started a bounty program for our developer community to start building the plugins that will extend the functionalities of the Memri ecosystem. We're focusing on importers first but also thinking about some indexer plugins. At least a dozen projects have started already, we're super excited about it, and very happy to see so much interaction in our Memri Discord server.

It works like this: we have a list of plugins we think are necessary (and very cool) in our brand new developer's website, You can check it out here. If you want to pick up building any of the unassigned plugins, join our discord server and let us know so we can assign it to you and put your name there. You can also choose a time from the Memri Plugin Office Hours Calendar for your onboarding session with Memri's founder: Ruben Daniels.

We offer bounties for completing these plugins!

Flutter client updates

A while ago (March 2021) we decided to start developing the Memri client in Flutter 2.0. The goal is to have just two clients, one written in Swift/SwiftUI for iOS/MacOS and the other in Flutter for all other platforms. Our Flutter team has been super busy taking care of a lot of features and they've done a lot of progress during this sprint:

All MR's has some animated gifs to illustrate what has been done.

Here's some animated demos to illustrate what has been done. 😉

Circles UBI Wallet integration

During the last several weeks we have made great improvement on the CVUs for cryptocurrency and wallet integration, and eventually ported them to the new Flutter app! It's great to see the CVU actions run smoothly in the mobile app emulator, here's the demo:

With the latest Flutter app, more functions of the integrated wallet can be implemented: By clicking each profile, a list of transactions is shown; a button for creating transactions is also added and is leading to a new view of the owner's trusted network. In the next step, we will be working on improving the wallet core library for providing interfaces to the front-ends.

New hires!  

We're very happy to have a new member joining the Memri-team:

Eelco van der Wel recently joined the Data Scientist ME. With background in Artificial Intelligence, he will be working initially on building NLP pipelines in Memri using PySyft and building plugins using the resulting models. Eelco also loves music (he plays the saxophone), which we think is very interesting. We're delighted to have him onboard!

Don't forget to checkout our careers page, we're growing and provide a great environment to challenge your intellect and flourish.