The typical harvest season starts late September or early October for those farming and growing crops outside. Within Memri, as the current milestone will end soon, we are also expecting to pick the "fruits" we've been working hard on since early spring. Before we can celebrate the joy of harvest let's take some time to look at what happened during the last two weeks.

iOS Frontend

In the last sprint we mainly focused on the integration of frontend and existing integrators, and some good progress has been made in this direction. The iOS client can successfully call the GMail integrator for importing emails into the Pod database and then show the imported data!


The next steps would be to optimize the process and make it more stable, do proper handling, syncing from the frontend, and have a progress indicator for the integration. Stay tuned!


At the Pod side, during the last two weeks we have held a lot of discussions regarding NetRom/manual iOS testing and different integrators testing. Based on that, some optimization works were done to make the integrators more stable and efficient.


The Rust integrator has been tested with the iOS frontend to ensure that it can be invoked successfully to properly import WhatsApp messages into the Pod database. However, when it comes to deployment in the remote cloud, due to some restrictions of the current deployment mechanism, we need to rethink the structure of related components (Matrix Synapse homeserver, WhatsApp bridge and importer), e.g. how to combine them in a single docker image and start the services in a deterministic order.
Besides that, some progress has been made to update the Action API-related WhatsApp functions according the new serverless architecture. It is able to run them now in docker so that a container is started when requested by clients.
For the GMail integrator in Python, we implemented generic-attributes for the email-importer which allows you to set extra properties, such as host, port or debug values, and made great progress on the integration with iOS frontend.
The Node.js integrator for importing iCloud data has CI install now.


We've been making some progress at the marketing side with Ittatkestwo writing new blogs and opening a nice Medium page, see here.
Regarding to fundraising, we started closing the seed investment round and will continue to do that over the next couple of weeks. More on that later!


We have made progress on the interaction of Kill Bill (Open-Source Subscription Billing & Payments Platform) with the pod manager in Digital Ocean, and worked on retrieving the complete subscription state from Kill Bill for crash recovery of the pod manager.