Looking back

The past milestone we focused on quality assurance. This includes setting up CI on GitLab, writing tests and extending documentation. We also changed the overall architecture of the importers and indexers in the Memri ecosystem. We decided to have all integrators (our umbrella term for indexers and importers) grouped by programming language, so it’s easier to maintain dependencies and create appropriate Docker containers.

Technical retrospective

Because we had a big overhaul of our code base, we made many design decisions in the previous milestone. We had to create guidelines, pick tools for testing in CI and setup auto-generated documentation. Furthermore, our new way of using Docker containers had to be combined with external architectures, e.g. to bridge Matrix homeserver with WhatsApp server. We took the time in these two weeks to evaluate the consequences that revealed themselves during implementing our new ideas. This turned out to be fruitful and we will continue this process in the next milestone to make sure we have a strong basis for ourselves, new colleagues and community contributions.

Release procedure

Over the weeks we improved our release calls. We decided to release every two weeks on Tuesdays, two days after the sprint, to have some leeway when needed. We also started to build a solid release procedure. Having a set of steps to check whether something is ready for release - and if so, how to release it - streamlines the process and gives us confidence when pushing from the development to the production branch. It also forces us to align on these questions, as we have to make explicit agreements to be aligned during the call.

Looking forward

Redesigning code, discussing best practices and setting up systems to check our own work on quality standards aren't always as exciting as adding new features. But we know exactly why we are doing so and why they are all worth it. With Memri we want to have impact, which can only be obtained when we have a solid base for both the product and the team. Therefore, we will use the coming milestone to get everything in place so we can grow the Memri movement! Stay tuned!