After putting some love into the documentation of all our components, we embraced our first contributions from community members! With the bigger goal of writing a CVU parser for the Android application, even small changes or comments are very much appreciated!


The Pod manager is getting connected to KillBill, and we are working on a secure way to running the Pods.


The Pod received database encryption, authorization and basic file support in the last two weeks! Now we are working on integrating the secure endpoints with other components at Memri: iOS and some services are already integrated, and the rest are pending, stay tuned!


A lot of work has been done on integrating Pod with external systems such as importers. Pre-release tests already show email conversations loaded and fully browseable from within the app, though it will still take some time before it is polished and released.

The WhatsApp message importer has been updated: the setup of Synapse/Mautrix-bridge got significantly simplified by having a bash script to handle all the configuration steps. The operation flow got improved as well: by building a simple website with python-flask to show the QR code, we can now authenticate with WhatsApp web for login, no third-party clients needed anymore.


This week we had our first meeting with a notary, the conversation was fruitful and really exiting, things are starting to get real! The homework we did proved to be sufficient, no major problems occurred and the notary is currently working on a draft for us to review.


The iOS app now supports the "v2" Pod endpoints with built-in database encryption, authorization, and file management.

Besides thats, lots of components have been implemented: email renderer, link rendering in messages, message composition, authentication flow, etc. Take a look!