The future structure of our company is envisioned as a dual relationship between a cooperative and a corporation. This relationship requires different types of shares for different types of stakeholders to ensure voting power and returns on investment end up with the right people. During this week we further developed our plans for creating and distributing such shares.

The company structure also needs to be encoded in the bylaws of our organization, and this week we got to review a first draft version of the statutes for the corporation from our notary. We soon hope to receive the statutes for the cooperative and be able to put our plans to a vote with our current stakeholders.


Work on the iOS app this week focused mainly on tracking changes of the back-end, both to prevent breaking existing functionality and to start implementing support for new functionality. Thanks to our community we are also seeing a steady progress in development of a browser app for Memri, and the first initial commits for an Android app.


A lot of work went into back-end updates to finalize support for importing emails from Google/IMAP and messages from WhatsApp, which also resulted in requiring threading for emails and messages. We added support for importing photo's from iCloud and spent a large part of the week getting everything integrated and working together. To ensure all this information is stored safely we added encryption support for files stored by the back-end, which comes in addition to the already encrypted database.

With this work mostly done we can continue with creating a hosted solution for end users, for which we are in the progress of setting up a Kill Bill subscription server and a Kubernetes cluster to run the Memri pod of each user. Some integration will still need to be done in the next milestone to expose all the new functionality in the front-end and properly support the hosted solution.