Last week was our second week preparing for the next milestone: A time of reflection, research and brainstorming. While our brains were storming, a heat wave crossed Europe, where a large part of our team resides. Working from home has many benefits, but a lack of air conditioning did test us on these hot summer days. Shifting meetings to be early in the morning, and doing our research late in the evening, helped us get to a point where we are satisfied with both our process and what we achieved.

Group Feedback sessions

As we did after the last two milestones, we had a group Reflect & Feedback session. Seven participants and one facilitator going over their personal highlights, lessons learned and areas they hope to improve on in the weeks to come. Everybody has the chance to share whatever they want, but only what they feel comfortable sharing. Of course, these sessions aren't the only moments where we provide each other with feedback, but having a dedicated session to hone these skills is of great value, especially at a time where we're not being distracted by worrying about a deadline or finishing some urgent task.

We've now done such a group session about three times before, every time in a slightly different form, and we're proud to say that we're getting better at it each time. In the beginning, giving and receiving feedback was something all of us needed to get used to. However, things have changed a lot: We are more at ease, and people have gained valuable insights from the feedback of others. We believe this success can be contributed by a desire to help others develop particular skills, and not just pointing out that you don't like if person X does Y.

Where these kinds of meetings used to take us about 2 hours, this meeting took much longer; Simply because we felt more comfortable to share, which is one of the reasons why we're doing this in the first place. However, this shows there is room for improvement in terms of efficiency, so another iteration on the format is bound to happen during the coming milestone!

This is a somewhat small weekly update, as we don't want to get ahead of ourselves and share all the crazy ideas we've come up with in the brainstorming sessions. Once those ideas are materialized though, we're more than happy to show you where it got us.