The Pod team started the week with resolving the database question, and then had the job of fully re-implementing the current backend in a completely different conceptual idea, implementing a graph interface to a well-structured embedded SQLite database. A rewrite plan was quickly made and execution followed straight away. The most basic CRUD end-points have already been implemented for data (but not yet for graph relations).


A number of gradual improvements happen in the iOS land. Horizontal grid renderer was implemented (you can see it in person general editor).

Evernote notes

A new chart renderer with a bar chart and a line chart was implemented, and is configurable via CVU. We also ported the existing iOS GUI to MacOS (OSX) for desktop editing.


We have made some progress in legal incorporation of Memri-s way of working. The formal document is still a work-in-progress, but it's getting really close to be finished up. Hopefully more updates on that in few weeks from now.


We published a developer starting guide here:

Try it out, any comments or feedback is very welcomed!

The second part of the week we've spent a lot of time getting the developer experience more pleasant (and first of all, stable). The current situation is still less than ideal, but we want to be iterative here, by starting with the simple and getting more done incrementally.