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Our life becomes increasingly digital. We can’t imagine our days without our devices, we use more apps and services, and generate more data than ever before. Ironically, all this information becomes less and less useful, as we get overwhelmed and disconnected from people we care about.

We generate loads of data with dozens of free and paid systems we use. Just think of all the photos, notes and messages that go through your device every day! Over the years, all these digital parts of you end up in different storage silos, with no efficient way for you to bring it all together, nor to control how it is used by third parties.

What we are working on is a tool to address these challenges: to help you organize and manage all the data you generate in one secure place, to streamline your relationships with your device and people you care about, to reduce information anxiety and use your device less.

Meet Memri: a digital AI assistant that helps you take full control of your time and data.

Use your device less with Memri

Right now, all pieces of your data, generated within different services, are disconnected. Even if you could get it in one place, there no tool for you to relate one piece of information. With Memri, it becomes possible.

Here’s what you’ll be able to ask Memri:

  • to show you the photo you took during a particular event
  • to remind you of the website you showed a friend at dinner last month
  • to tell you how often I went to the gym last month
  • to quickly check whether your colleague finished that one task of an almost due project

Or, let’s say, you want to respond to a family member. Most likely, you’re talking to them on more than one messenger — over the past few months, you DM’ed them a picture of your dog on Instagram, received an email invitation to their housewarming party, and sent them a link to that fascinating NYT longread on Facebook. But what was the last message they sent you, and where did that notification come from?

Naturally, it might take some time to find that specific message you forgot to respond to, and get distracted along the way. Sounds familiar?

Instead, you could use Memri: it has already organized all messages from each your relatives, friends and co-workers in one safe place, no matter which messenger they used. And the best part is: you can answers all of those from a single app, which means no more wasting time switching around apps and getting distracted!

These are just the few examples of how Memri can help you use your phone less, and more effectively. With all your data in one place, fully searchable, and capable of being manipulated, the number of ways we can use this to improve your life is endless.

Reduce screen time, increase efficiency

When was the last time you checked your screen time? The average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their phone, while Millennials and Gen Z are even more reliant on their devices. That’s the time we spend replying to messages, scrolling our feed, going through emails and making notes, among other routine things.

It’s no secret that many apps trick you into spending more time on them, mostly to get more of your data and learn how to show you the ads that you can potentially click on. So even when you have a specific task in mind when reaching to your phone, you end up spending much more time that your originally intended to. That’s where Memri comes to help to reduce all that noise and distractions and let you focus on what’s truly important for you.

Control your data

It’s no secret that big tech companies make money by selling your data — in fact, this business has been getting increasingly lucrative. In 2019 only, Facebook generated close to $69.66 billion in ad revenue, while Google made almost $134.81 billion.

The business model of these platforms is primarily based on sharing access to your information to third parties. In other words, if a service is free, you’re probably the product. Those third parties usually try to sell you things you do (or do not) need — an annoying, but not exactly harmful case. In the recent years, however, we’ve seen how that same access to information is being leveraged to change people’s political opinions and beliefs about the world by spreading fake news and advertising that’s targeted based on peoples’ deepest fears.

We at Memri think this relationship is toxic, and want to change it for the better. What we are building is a tool aligned with yourself — not the financial interests of someone else.

At Memri, you are the one who owns your data: it’s a trustless system that pulls your data from anywhere and stores it in an encrypted space only you can control — and later on, if you want to, could monetize yourself.

Develop Memri with us

Memri is an open source privacy tech project developed by independent contributors, who are as passionate about data privacy and maintaining meaningful relationships with technology as we are. We are still at the early stage of our mission to empower people by unlocking the potential of their data.

If you are a developer and want to learn more about how you can work with Memri, please visit this page.

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